Solar Wind Turbines

With the need for continual exploration of innovative alternative renewable energy resource technology, CVE Solar is exploring additional energy solutions such as Solar Wind Turbines. Solar wind turbines are beautifully designed vertical axis wind turbines, with their blades covered in flexible solar cells. This allows them to harvest energy from the sun and wind. Also this style of vertical axis wind turbine is advantaged over horizontal axis in that it can operate at much lower wind speeds, and thus its install viability is not nearly as restricted as the horizontal axis wind turbines that can be seen in the pincher creek region.

Considering Our Options

Producing zero waste and zero emissions, wind turbines may be the answer or one of the answers to our energy crisis. They generate power when the blades turn, causing interior magnets to move and create power. The stronger the wind, the more energy is created. Most of us are familiar with the large turbines we’ve seen in fields, but smaller wind generating turbines are also effective in many cases.