There are many benefits to using solar energy and one of them is the cost savings. In Western Canada, Alberta, B.C. and Saskatchewan all offer incentives to commercial building owners and residents who install Solar PV Panels. Find out what you are eligible for in the way of solar energy incentives. Save money and contribute to a more sustainable energy future.

Alberta Incentives

What incentives does Alberta offer for solar installation?

Alberta Solar Residential and Commercial Program

Under Alberta’s Micro-Generation Regulation, consumers may produce up to 5MW of their own electricity. Any excess electricity may then be sold to the grid at market or retail prices, depending on the consumer’s needs. Energy Efficiency Alberta provides incentives through the RCSP for renewable generation of $0.75W to reduce installation and maintenance costs for residential and commercial customers.

Once your solar installation has been completed, a bi-directional meter will be installed on your home by your energy retailer at no cost which allows you to import electricity to and from the grid. As Alberta’s energy retail market is de-regulated, residential customers can find a retailer that may be willing to purchase their solar power in the summer months for more than the retailer will sell it back to them during the winter.

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Town of Banff Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Production Incentive
Town of Canmore Solar Incentive
On-Farm Solar Photovoltaics Program
Alberta Indigenous Solar Program (AISP)

Saskatchewan Incentives

Does Saskatchewan offer Solar Installation incentives?

Net Metering Program (SaskPower)

Saskatchewan’s Net Metering Program allows residents to generate their own power, which provides cost savings. Businesses, residents and farms which have the capability to generate up to 100kW of power are entitled to receive a one-time rebate of 20 percent of eligible costs up to a maximum of $20,000 until November 30th, 2018.

Click here to learn more about Saskatchewan’s Net Metering Program.

Small Power Producers Program

British Columbia Incentives

What about BC's solar incentives?

Net Metering Program (BC Hydro)

BC Hydro allows Net Metering for solar systems up to 100 kW. This allows a business owner or resident to install a Solar PV system on their building or residence and feed the surplus into the grid. The excess energy exported to the grid is credited at the published retail rate and will appear as a credit on their account.

Provincial Sales Tax (PST) exemptions